RemoteTalent recruits and supports skilled staff from Indonesia

We have been working with qualified and dedicated remote Indonesian talent for more than 25 years. We are now ready to share them with all Australian businesses.

What We Offer

The world is about to change. Now with technology, it does not matter where you live, work can be accomplished anywhere in the world. We are focused on reaching out to our talent rich next door neighbour, Indonesia, with a population estimated around 260 million. Our unique offer is our ability to find and screen that special talent perfect for the role in your organisation. From new graduates, through our Indonesian university network, to veterans staff from our previous clients, we have a proven process to help you build that awesome high performance team.

You have the option to hire as a direct employee for your company or as a contractor. We'll take care of all the legal obligations as required by each jurisdiction.

Help Desk & Software Development

Having in-house support desk operations/software development requires higher costs and maintenance. We provide the HR role by recruiting, on-boarding, payroll and tracking the performance of all remote talent staff.

Data Science & Visualization

Our top companies and start-ups choose Remote Talent Data Science Professionals for their mission-critical analysis and software projects. Are you looking for an experienced Data Scientist or a Data Engineer, why not meet with us to discuss opportunities to find someone to join your team.

The selection couldn't be clearer and their HR followup is just incredible. Thank you! 

Matt Bindors

We highly recommend and very professional, a big thank you RT team. Lovely work and fast!

Rebecca Jenkins

We got to work with our Remote Talents so easily and efficiently that we thought that they were locals.

Sylvian Mastrich

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